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Business Development

Business Development

Building Business Success

Ready to make your business idea a reality or take your existing business to the next level?

At KJCO we ignite passion and creativity in entrepreneurs. We assist with the creation and growth of sustainable businesses.

Business Growth and Success

  • Start or grow your business
  • Expand your market
  • Increase sales

Our business programs

allow you to:

  • Tap into your full potential
  • Reduce inefficiencies
  • Identify new market opportunities 
  • Increase your bottom line

KJCO will assist your company to develop the processes needed to become an industry expert within a competitive economy. We have products that can help you achieve these goals. Check them out here

Are you looking for a plan to help you with your growth? Our services can help.

Develop a Business Plan and access available funding programs

  • Undertake market research to determine your industry and competition;
  • Assess your target market and determine strategies to increase reach;
  • Develop and implement a marketing plan to achieve greater results; and
  • Undertake a three-year financial analysis.

Develop a Marketing Plan, get noticed and increase sales

  • Refresh or create your brand to position your company competitively;
  • Analyze existing marketing tactics and implement new approaches;
  • Explore your ideal target market, revenue streams and future prospects; and
  • Create digital strategies and fresh marketing collateral that ensures you stand out. 

Develop a Growth Plan to achieve long-term results

  • Ensure you are operating with a clear direction; 
  • Enter new markets and capitalize on your existing audience; 
  • Review and update your online presence; 
  • Improve processes and strategies to ensure efficiency and increase profitability; and
  • Develop a 12-month action plan with goals, milestones and measurable results.