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Servicing communities, non-profit organizations, and entrepreneurs.

Through innovation, ingenuity and empowerment, the team at KJCO works with communities, non-profit organizations and entrepreneurs to help you achieve success.

Community & Non-Profit Organizations

  • Economic Development

    Whether it's smaller rural community development strategies or large urban development support, the KJCO team has extensive experience offering economic development services that bring insight, leadership and vision to your project.

  • Non-Profit Management

    Implement creative strategies, develop new partnerships and access funding programs to help your organization support its mission and meet identified goals.

  • Training & Keynote Addresses

    Training opportunities that help participants develop personal and professional growth, tailored to your needs.

Business & Entrepreneurship

  • Business Development

    Passion and creativity is ignited through the creation and growth of your business.

  • Branding & Marketing

    Generate sales, build a strong brand and retain a competitive position within your industry.


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    Expressing Gratitude

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    5 Strategies for Working with Your Partner

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    How to use Social Media to Help Promote Your Business

    It’s no secret that social media is becoming increasingly dominant in today’s society and this is no different when it comes to businesses. Social media is a great tool for two-way communication th...

About Karen Jones Consulting Inc.

The team at Karen Jones Consulting Inc. (KJCO) brings expertise and experience across a wide range of industries to help ensure the success of your projet. Whether it’s economic development, marketing communications, strategic planning, fund development, content development or graphic design, the KJCO team can help you address challenges and harness opportunities for successful, sustainable growth.

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