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Empowering Communities, Non-Profits and Entrepreneurs to Achieve Success

KJCO works with you to develop innovative, sustainable solutions that address your unique needs to help you realize your vision and attain your goals.

Insight. Strategy. Action

  • Economic Development

    Whether it's smaller rural community development strategies or large urban development support, KJCO economic development services bring insight, leadership, vision and management to your project.

  • Business Development

    With small business and organizations, it’s difficult to have all of the expertise you need in house. We can help. KJCO partners with entrepreneurs and enterprises to empower your business to evolve successfully through any stage of the business cycle, from start up, to sustainability or expansion.

  • Non-Profit Development

    From tourism and workforce development, to education and community services, KJCO works closely with a variety of non-profit organizations to develop strategies and initiatives that help support your mission and goals.


We work as an extension of your team and provide scalable solutions, from retainer to project based, to assist you in meeting your goals, scope and budget.

  • Accessing funding and capital
    Building capacity and closing gaps
    Analyzing markets and trends
    Adjusting to changing conditions
    Identifying opportunities
    Overcoming challenges
  • Attracting new business
    Planning for the future
    Increasing revenue and profit
    Connecting with stakeholders and audiences
    Implementing programs and developing products
    Benchmarking and measuring results


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About Karen Jones Consulting Inc.

Karen Jones Consulting Inc. (KJCO) is committed to delivering excellence and achieving results. Our core mission is to support your success through insight, innovation and action. Our multi-disciplinary team brings expertise and experience across a wide range of industries to help you address challenges and harness opportunities for effective, sustainable growth.

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